Our first testimonial on how many ways our salve can help you improve your daily life.

This past year I was given a sample of the salve to try out. The results were so amazing that when asked if I would endorse the product I decided that If the use of it can help others as much as it has me, then I was more than glad to do so.

I’ve been struggling with severe pain in my knees for several years now. Many days to the point where it’s very difficult to perform the daily tasks I do to earn a living. I work with horses for a living, which not only requires a lot of knee action and support while riding, but also involves a lot of walking as I ground work the horses. On many days the pain was so bad that I could not ride and could only walk for a few hours at a time. The past four years I’ve been getting injections in both knees about every 6 months, which has helped enough to keep me going, but I still suffered quite a bit of pain on a daily basis. Since using the Wright salve, I have now gone nine months and counting without any injections and the pain has been reduced to a minimum. I generally get through the day with minimal pain. I still can’t go up and down stairs as I once did, but having the ability to get through the work day without severe pain sure makes life much more enjoyable.

I also use the salve on most of my other joints, for back pain, sore, aching muscles, to treat minor wounds, and for photodamage of the skin caused by the sun with great results.

Clay Wright

  • The sciatica pain literally disappeared!!

    I have been physically active my entire life. Lifestyle is an understatement when it comes to having a passion for physical movement. A few of my passions have included semiprofessional dance, hiking, cross country skiing, mountain climbing, horseback riding and working on my farm. 

    I also work long hours, on my feet, in healthcare. There are days that my back and various joints have very sharp conversations with me. 

    I recently developed a left leg sciatica spasm that would torture me for days. The pain became so severe that it would also wake me in the night…as electric shocks followed pathways, wrapping around my leg, rendering me helpless. 

    After a few miserable days, I used the Wright Salve on my SI joints and lower back. The sciatica pain literally disappeared!!

    I later got an appointment with my chiropractor for good measure, but the pain had already subsided after just one application. 

    I am a believer, and I will always have this wonderful salve on hand!! 

    Thank you, to the creators of The Wright Salve for making a quality product that actually works

    — Ciel Schofield, Montana USA

  • I no longer have to “deal” with aches and pain

    Working and living in the mountains of western Wyoming as a backcountry yurt caretaker and roof shoveler for almost 2 decades has been tremendously rewarding but certainly not easy on my body. Muscle and Joint pain have become something I used to just “deal” with and always had a bottle of ibuprofen, or other pharma pain relievers nearby. Since discovering the Wright Salve I no longer have to “deal” with aches and pain after a long day in the mountains and I haven’t had the need to purchase over the counter pain relievers at all. The Wright Salve has completely changed all that. When I’m sore and achy now, I just apply a very small amount of salve at the site and I feel instant pain relief and my muscles loosen right up. The relief lasts longer than the over the counter pain relievers and my mind and body feel completely soothed, relaxed, and ready for the next big day out in the mountains. The Wright Salve is definitely the right stuff and I will always have a tin in my medicine cabinet where my ibuprofen used to be from now on.

    — Brian Cynkar 

  • Game changer

    This salve is a game changer for instant pain relief! My son got whip lash in his neck after a rough  fall at hockey, and the wright salve cured it within minutes!! It works really quickly, I don't know how, but I am grateful. When I'm stressed, I clench my jaw at night, and this salve literally calms my entire jaw and neck, so I sleep better and my muscles aren't tense when I wake up. I could name 30 different times this product has saved me from having to use ibuprophen or other pharma drugs on myself, my kids, my parents. It's a total miracle balm. The ingredients are supreme for skincare too -- which is important to me (it has colloidal GOLD in it!!) and it's Goldilocks consistency too. This CBD salve takes it up a notch or 5. Put it on tight shoulders! Put it on achy knees! Put in on your kids bumps and bruises! Just put it on!

    — Sita

  • I would have never believed it if it didn’t happen to me!

    I was putting hardwood floor down in my house here in Baker City, Oregon and I smashed my finger with a big rubber mallet. That was as bad I ever smashed my finger. It was swollen, turning black and blue. I immediately grabbed some of The Wright Salve to see how good it might be. I put it on my finger clear up to my knuckle. In about 5 minutes it quit hurting and it quit swelling, and I believe it quit turning black and blue. It lasted about an hour and then it started to beat again with my heart. So I put it on a second time. I went to sleep and it never hurt. It never turned black and blue, I didn’t lose my fingernail, I could move it freely and all is well to this day! I would have never believed it if it didn’t happen to me!

    — Dr. Jack Britten

  • These sleep gummies are definitely the best that I have come across.

    These sleep gummies are definitely the best that I have come across. After trying countless other brands that just don't work for me. I have been taking these for several months now and they still work every night! Thank you guys your products are the best!

    — Bob Reynolds / Decks and Design Construction of Idaho