About us

James and Greta, Owners of The Wright Salve.

A brief story about how we started this journey:

We met and befriended a traveling alchemist who shared a powerful pain relief salve with us.

We soon discovered with amazement how much this salve was helping ourselves and our friends and family in our daily lives.

Together we decided to refine and evolve this incredible pain relief salve by adding even more potent ingredients and bring it to market. Now everyone can have the opportunity to experience the multiple benefits for rejuvenation of skin conditions, muscle and joint inflammation issues, and feel the results and relief like we have!


Where we got our Name & Logo

Who is the rider?

Who is the man who inspired the elegant horseman image of the Wright Salve?

Clay Wright, A lifelong dedicated horseman, Who educates people and horses on “Tudo Abrangente” The All Encompassing Principals of Horsemanship. Clay does this through the understanding the horse, thinks, reacts, feels and maintains the proper balance of their whole body.

What's the connection with horses?

Clay educates and prepares the young horse to find comfort and contentment when they learn how to develop and find balance in their body to handle a rider. And for the horses that have been mishandled or abused, he helps them find their blocks, resistance and tightness in their bodies and slowly works them through deep awareness of emotional and muscle tensions to elevate the horse, helping them discover a more mindful and balanced way of moving, which brings feelings of safety and joy.

Clay also educates the riders to understand how their own bodies mirror the horse in many subtle and not-so-subtle ways by the way the horse responds to them. Giving the riders the tools and the space to work on their own emotional and body tensions to find the grace and balance to connect with their horse at a deeper level.

Why this product?

The Wright Salve helps release muscle and joint inflammation and tension in the rider and the everyday working person. By promoting the bodies natural abilities to heal with the support of the CBD, CBG and the essential oils and special tree resins combined in a balanced formula.

The inspiration

So having Clay Wright being the name and image of “The Wright Salve” all came into balance with our product and it was just
“The Wright timing and The Wright thing to do”