Introducing The Wright Salve

You will be amazed at this powerful salve's effectiveness, speed, and strength to help reduce the aches and pains.

Labor of Love

Our Process

The process

Essential Oils

Home distilled with the greatest care.

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The Ingredients

The Purest Ingredients Available

We researched and found the finest ingredients for the highest potency.

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The Product

Commitment to Quality

We brought together a small team of talented individuals, passionate about helping others find relief from pain and discomfort in muscles and joints and skin conditions for healthy self care.

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The Reviews

A salve with a fan club

  • The sciatica pain literally disappeared!!

    "I used the Wright Salve on my SI joints and lower back. The sciatica pain literally disappeared! I am a believer, and I will always have this wonderful salve on hand! Thank you, to the creators of The Wright Salve for making a quality product that actually works."

    — Ciel Schofield, Montana USA

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  • I no longer have to “deal” with aches and pain

    Since discovering the Wright Salve I no longer have to “deal” with aches and pain after a long day in the mountains and I haven’t had the need to purchase over the counter pain relievers at all.

    — Brian Cynkar 

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  • Game changer

    This salve is a game changer for instant pain relief! My son got whip lash in his neck after a rough fall at hockey, and the wright salve cured it within minutes!

    I could name 30 different times this product has saved me from having to use ibuprophen or other pharma drugs on myself, my kids, my parents. It's a total miracle balm.

    — Sita

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